Partners for Opportunity, Innovation and Excellence

We partner with institutions, organizations and individuals to provide the most promising minds in Africa with the training and opportunities they need to flourish in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Launched with a mandate to collaborate with academic institutions worldwide, ForExcellence has expanded through increased international awareness and interest to include partnerships with businesses, foundations and private individuals.

Your Contribution

For Excellence partners support AIMS educational centres in Africa. These unique, interactive hubs allow the brightest African minds to flourish as independent and original thinkers, problem solvers and researchers to achieve real and positive change in Africa and beyond.

Partner for Excellence

Our partners enjoy visibility as leaders of economic and social growth, and supporters of a proven educational model with international recognition and prestige.

They enjoy cultural, economic and new knowledge benefits from active collaboration with AIMS students and teachers. In time, they are able to affect real and lasting change in Africa as a growing, thriving opportunity.

Let’s discover a unique, fitting way for you to support Africa’s most promising students:

  • Scholarships to support AIMS students
  • Funding to support research initiatives and operation of the centres
  • Fundraising support and in-kind contributions
  • Internships or other employment opportunities for graduates
  • Faculty guest-lecturers at AIMS centres
  • Collaboration on research projects with AIMS students
  • Post-graduate students to supply teaching support at AIMS centres
  • Strategic advice and guidance in areas of your expertise

Contact our office to explore the opportunities above, or if there is another way you can partner For Excellence, we would welcome your support.

David Kribs
International Academic Advisor,


Current Partners

Our list of partners is always growing. Current contributors include academic institutions, governments, foundations, lecturers, companies and organizations from around the world that are leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

They are committed to providing sustained support to ensure AIMS students complete a full educational program.

Thanks to the contributions of partners like you, more than 1,200 STUDENTS have graduated since 2003 and more centres are being built across Africa.

More than 95% have gone on to pursue Masters and PhDs, or have found employment in academia, government, private companies and research facilities.

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