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Transforming Africa through space science and physics

Astronomers around the globe recently identified a neighbouring solar system that has seven Earth-sized planets. The central star, called TRAPPIST-1 may even be within a habitable zone, which may host a region that could support life as we know it. With Africa’s expanding commitment to space science and astronomy through projects such as the Square Kilometre Array, AIMS is preparing a generation of experts who will be able to make lasting contributions to space science and contribute to broadening our understanding of the universe.

South African Xolisile Thusini is a great example. At AIMS, she felt at home and thrived in an environment that fostered collaboration in daily problem solving. Xolisile’s post graduate scholarship is focused on the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle and its properties. As a high-energy physicist, Xolisile is trying to understand the universe at the smallest scale, searching for the answers to ‘What are the fundamental building blocks of nature?’ and ‘What is real mass?’ This work has honoured her with a Tata Africa Master’s Scholarship from the Women in Science Awards.

Creating tomorrow's role models today!

Scientists such as Xolisile are key to Africa’s transformation and are role models for women and young girls.

At AIMS our students and alumni are our greatest indicators of success. We are proud to have produced 1,222 graduates, one-third of whom are women. Our alumni hail from 42 African nations, and are fast becoming leaders in academia and industry across Africa and around the globe.

Our remarkable success rate will continue with the support of donors like you. There are thousands of deserving students with incredible drive to solve challenges who have some of the most remarkable stories, but they need you to help them realize their dreams.

“Particle physics research has revolutionized the way we conceive the world,” she says. “Research has revolutionized the way we think about the world, providing us with a better understanding of physics, chemistry and technology.”

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