Transforming Africa through nanotechnology

Rwanda is becoming one of Africa’s premier hubs for startup businesses. It is a remarkable transformation the country has made in one short generation. Under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, Rwanda is fast becoming the technology capital of Africa.

With open business practices, a commitment to technology infrastructure and prioritizing education in STEM, Rwanda is charting a course for success in the 21st century. This is one reason why we relocated the AIMS Global Secretariat to Kigali in 2016 and opened a new centre where we will do innovative climate change research. It is also why our second global gathering for the Next Einstein Forum will be held there in 2018.

AIMS has been home to many of Rwanda’s brightest leaders, such as Dr. Prosper Ngabenziza PhD. Since graduating AIMS in 2010, he has become an expert in Nanotechnology. Ngabenziza is researching topological insulators, materials that act like insulators but where electrons can only move along the surface, to evolve the transmission of information in quantum computing. Through this essential research, computers could reach speeds and have capacities we have never dreamed of in sizes of processors no bigger than your thumbnail. Remember his name. He will be a pioneer in this global field.

AIMS students and alumni are our greatest indicators of success

At AIMS our students and alumni are our greatest indicators of success. We are proud to have produced 1,222 graduates, one-third of whom are women. Our alumni hail from 42 African nations, and are fast becoming leaders in academia and industry across Africa and around the globe.

Our remarkable success rate will continue with the support of donors like you. There are thousands of deserving students with incredible drive to solve challenges who have some of the most remarkable stories, but they need you to help them realize their dreams.

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