Jonathan Kwame DOKU

Transforming Africa through telecommunications technology

Like so many young people, Jonathan was losing interest in math. There were few well trained and knowledgeable teachers in his homeland of Ghana then and sometimes he got lost in all the theory, missing how it all applied in every-day life.

One day he attended a math and science workshop where he was buoyed by great lecturers and impassioned academics who inspired him. Jonathan met Ghana’s most famous mathematician Prof. Francis Allotey who became a mentor and friend and encouraged him to attend AIMS in 2012 where he learned first-hand how to apply complex mathematical science principles to solve practical problems.

Since graduating, Jonathan has taken up a role at Itemate Solutions, a South African technology firm, to provide project management services and advice in his home country. He has been hard at work with MTN Ghana developing the first point-of-sale based system for telecommunications services in his homeland. He has become an invaluable part of the team streamlining a key business function while bridging the demands of the head office in Stellenbosch and executing the project on the ground for his client in Accra. Jonathan has successfully pioneered similar systems in Cameroon and Benin enabling better mobile and cashless systems that ensure funds reach the appropriate destinations and encouraging more citizens to join the economy through affordable mobile phone technology.

AIMS Industry Initiative has provided the opportunity

Johnathan credits the skills learned at AIMS for his success and he is grateful the AIMS Industry Initiative has provided the opportunity to demonstrate his talent in Africa’s burgeoning telecommunications sector.

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“At AIMS, I learned problem-solving, computing, research-paper writing skills and sophisticated issue comprehension,” he says. “All of which contributed to my success in telecommunications.”
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