Angelina LUTAMBI

Transforming Africa through public health policy

The third United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for 2030 is Good Health and Well-being - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. No area is of greater significance in slowing progress in Africa than public health challenges such as malaria, tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS. Our graduates are taking it on with full ingenuity!

One of AIMS earliest graduates, Dr. Angelina Lutambi PhD has a Master’s in mathematics from the University of Stellenbosch and Doctorate in epidemiology from the Tropical and Public Health Institute at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Dr. Lutambi’s research at the Ifakara Health Institute focused on the role of mosquito dispersal on malaria transmission and how to introduce methods to cut down on spread. She has now broadened that work to examine a range of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Lutambi is on the front lines of solving public health issues in her community and frequently returns to AIMS to lecture students.

“My work in modelling the impact of health interventions is directing policy in Tanzania,” she proudly says.

Our alumni hail from 42 African nations

At AIMS our students and alumni are our greatest indicators of success. We are proud to have produced 1,222 graduates, one-third of whom are women. Our alumni hail from 42 African nations, and are fast becoming leaders in academia and industry across Africa and around the globe.

Our remarkable success rate will continue with the support of donors like you. There are thousands of deserving students with incredible drive to solve challenges who have some of the most remarkable stories, but they need you to help them realize their dreams.

“My work in modelling the impact of health interventions is directing policy in Tanzania.”
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