See how our brightest students are transforming Africa and help support our important work.

Alice Irankunda

Queen Elizabeth Scholar

Transforming Africa through big data and machine learning.

“Girls, do not be afraid of STEM, give yourself a chance and you will change the world.”

Alice Irankunda

Diane Fokoue

Queen Elizabeth Scholar

Transforming Africa through numerical modelling.

“At AIMS Cameroon, the visit by former Governor General Michaëlle Jean inspired me with her success story.”

Diane Fokoue

Christian Ogbonna

Transforming Africa through physics.

"The world can be a better place through science and technology.”

Christian Ogbonna

Noel Khaemba

Queen Elizabeth Scholar

Transforming Africa through computer modelling and information technology.

"I want to start a company where I can implement my knowledge in IT in the marketplace.

Noel Khaemba 1

Margaret Ikape

Transforming Africa through astrophysics

“Mathematics is essential for astrophysics. I wanted to improve my math knowledge before conducting research in astrophysics.”

Margaret Ikape

Claude-Michel Nzotungicimpaye

Transforming Africa through climate science

Before AIMS, I didn’t think much about research. But now, that’s my primary career goal.”

Claude Michel Nzotungicimpaye

Xolisile Thusini

Transforming Africa through space science and physics

“Particle physics research has revolutionized the way we conceive the world. Research has revolutionized the way we think about the world.”


Jonathan Doku

Transforming Africa through telecommunications technology

“At AIMS, I learned problem-solving, computing, research-paper writing skills and sophisticated issue comprehension.”


Prosper Ngabenziza

Transforming Africa through nanotechnology

AIMS has been home to many of Rwanda’s brightest leaders, such as Dr. Prosper Ngabenziza - expert in Nanotechnology.


Hind Ahmed

Transforming Africa through better solar cell efficiency

“If not for AIMS, I wouldn’t have achieved all of this. The solution to Africa’s challenges lies with Africans themselves.”


Chica Yinka-Banjo

Transforming Africa by improving mining safety

Dr. Chika Yinka-Banjo, PhD graduated from AIMS in 2010. She completed her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town (UTC).


Angelina Lutambi

Transforming Africa through public health policy

“My work in modelling the impact of health interventions is directing policy in Tanzania,”
Dr. Lutambi proudly says.


Andree Nenkam

Transforming Africa by reducing climate change risk and boosting food security

Through crop modelling and climate analysis, she is able to advise farmers on strategies.


Alice Ikuzwe

Transforming Africa through sustainable energy

“I am developing energy efficient lighting solutions to enable greater access to the poor and disadvantaged across Africa,”