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Noel is a Kenyan who excelled in mathematics earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. When she completed the program, Noel moved on to work as an intern in the ICT department of Radio Africa Group Limited (a media company), later upon her graduation, she was promoted to an ICT graduate trainee.  Noel loved the applied use of her talents and found herself heading to AIMS Senegal to broaden her understanding of technology.

Noel credits her success to the exposure of exceptional lecturers from around the world who challenged her perceptions about math, technology and computer programming. Today, she is pursuing her Masters of Engineering in Telecommunications & Information Security (MTIS) at the University of Victoria in Canada.

Noel confirms that getting a better understanding of computer software and hardware, learning some techniques of how hackers exploit vulnerabilities in machines and how to detect intrusion and prevent it, were key factors to pursuing her latest degree.

Though she knows she will complete her PhD in the future, Noel's real passion is to become an entrepreneur and lead a business that develops cyber security products that protect data and privacy.

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My greatest achievement academically has been learning unique concepts that I can use to solve some of the problems faced in Kenya. Professionally, I will get some critical experience in Canada that will go a long way in shaping my career and expertise so I can solve issues when I return home.
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