Claude-Michel Nzotungicimpaye

Transforming Africa through climate science

Claude-Michel is a budding climate scientist who grew up in Bujumbura, Burundi not far from the north-eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Despite living in a war-torn country, he was able to pursue his formal education despite the chaos around him.

Claude-Michel began his university education at the National University of Rwanda in Butare, where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. Then he moved to Cape Town, South Africa for postgraduate education at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences for his Postgraduate Diploma. At the University of Cape Town, Claude-Michel achieved his Master of Science in Environmental and Geographical Sciences. It was there that he applied mathematical methods and computing skills to address real-world problems with a focus on the environment.

After the University of Cape Town, Claude-Michel returned to Burundi where was hired to teach at a newly established polytechnic university. Since the fall of 2015, Claude-Michel has been working on his PhD at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

"At the beginning of my Master’s studies, I taught myself how to install, set up and run an atmospheric chemistry-transport model that I needed to use for air quality simulations," says Claude-Michel. "So far, my research projects towards my degree are tackling local questions in Africa. It gives me a sense of community service through science."

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