Transforming Africa through big data and machine learning

Alice is Rwandese with an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering (University of Rwanda), Masters in Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and is pusuing a Masters in Information Security (MTIS) from the University of Victoria (Canada).

She is perfecting her knowledge and skills in the security of data/information or cyber security. Alice wants to find solutions for current technology problems with a focus on Africa's emerging technology capital in Kigali, Rwanda.

At AIMS our students and alumni are our greatest indicators of success. We are proud to have produced 1,513 graduates, one-third of whom are women. Our alumni hail from 43 African nations, and are fast becoming leaders in academia and industry across Africa and around the globe.

Our remarkable success rate will continue with the support of donors like you. There are thousands of deserving students with incredible drive to solve challenges who have some of the most remarkable stories, but they need you to help them realize their dreams.

Africans can succeed as I have done. They can learn from different universities around the world and have a profound impact on the African continent and the world.
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